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Construction sites are high risk areas when it comes to trespassing and breaking and entering. Not only are there valuable tools and materials stored on site, but if any elements of a site were to be tampered with by an unauthorised individual, there could be dire consequences resulting in injury or death. At Role Group, our security operatives are stringently vetted with extensive background checks and written references from at least 2 previous employers. The security risk assessments completed by our security team ensure that our operatives work diligently to prevent entry by unauthorized individuals, damage to property or theft of tools and material. This is accomplished by our operatives rigorously monitoring and recording the activity on site during the course of their shift. They will also complete intermittent observational tours of the site and access points. All of our operatives are well-mannered experienced and SIA licensed security personnel.


Throughout all of our security assignments, we have adopted the use of a software program called Tracktik. The use of this new and innovative software allows us to capture data and analytics to enable our security operatives to make informed decisions and improve security operations on site. We optimise the software’s Guard Suite to manage security site tours, access up to date progress and utilise the real-time incident reporting.

If you have any queries or any specific requirements that have not been mentioned above, please contact us . Please note, we work in association with an extensive workforce of high calibre professionals which are available to mobilise via our recruitment channels.


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Project Name: Agility Alliance

Client: J. Murphy & Sons Limited and Morrison Utility Services JV

Project Value: £1 billion

Description: As part of the Agility Alliance, J. Murphy & Sons Limited and Morrison Utility Services were awarded the contract to maintain and deliver water networks and services for the client Thames Water for up to 15 years. This project will work in line with colleagues from the eight2o alliance to deliver AMP6 and extend into AMP7 and AMP8.
The scope of works includes the following; clean water network repair, rehabilitation and maintenance and leak detection, along with constructing new water mains. The aim of the alliance is to drive down leakages and reduce disruption to Thames Water customers by repairing, maintaining and reactivating water networks.

Completion date: Current

Types of Trades: Construction Site Security Operatives.

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