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Construction Logistics


When we refer to Site Mobilisation, we refer to the effort that it takes to get a project established. There are several activities that need to be launched in order to mobilise a construction site. At times, these activities may be administrative, related to transport, or it could be budgetary in relation to the costs of site preparation. At Role Group, we will work with your team to define the project, prepare costs in line with the budget, identify potential disruptions and solutions, and ultimately outline the resources required to get your project off the ground efficiently. Meticulous and effective planning during the pre-construction process is essential for your project to progress smoothly. We can help to assist you with your project from the very start and ensure it progresses in the right direction.

Site Establishment and Welfare

The procurement of welfare facilities are considered at the planning stages of a project to ensure they are appropriately allocated. Each individual project will have different requirements for site office and welfare facilities provision. At Role Group, we know the importance of site set-up, facilities have to be comfortable, inviting and functional. The facilities are required not only to provide accommodation for site managers, but they also need to be versatile to provide meeting spaces, secure storage for site documentation and break out areas for operatives.

The site establishment services we can provide are as follows

  • Surveys
  • Office set-up
  • Welfare facilities
  • Occupational health facilities
  • Hoarding and fencing erection
  • Site access systems
  • Signage and temporary services.

On previous projects, we have worked with our clients to ensure suitable and sufficient welfare facilities are provided before construction work begins and for the entire duration of the project.

Waste Management

At Role Group, our waste management services provide our clients with sustainable solutions whilst supporting cost efficiencies throughout the lifetime of a project. Our team implement innovative strategies that minimise waste to landfill and reduce carbon emissions by using techniques which support the effective re-purposing of materials and recycling on site. A recent study revealed that the UK construction industry uses 400 million tonnes of material every year, which results in 100 million tonnes of waste being produced. Overall construction contributes to over a third of the UK’s total yearly waste, with 25 million tonnes of construction waste destined for landfill. To combat and reduce the amount of waste produced in our industry, we work with our clients to identify the waste practices on site and set targets by exercising our industry knowledge to implement a plan and processes.

By engaging with our waste management services, we will provide your project with the following benefits:

  • Compliance
  • Lower expenditure
  • Health and safety
  • Corporate environmental responsibility
  • Positive reputation and outcomes.

Traffic Management

At Role Group, we understand the need for efficient and effective traffic management on our client’s construction sites. The training that our traffic marshals receive ensures that they are equipped to manage the safe movement of vehicles and plant within your work site. Our operatives are fully rehearsed in the health and safety requirements expected from them and possess the following up to date competencies; Lantra, Street Works and Traffic Marshal tickets.

Security Services

At Role Group, our security operatives are stringently vetted with extensive background checks and written references from at least 2 previous employers. The security risk assessments completed by our security team ensure that our operatives work diligently to prevent entry by unauthorized individuals, damage to property or theft of tools and material. This is accomplished by our operatives rigorously monitoring and recording the activity on site during the course of their shift. They will also complete intermittent observational tours of the site and access points. All of our operatives are well-mannered experienced and SIA licensed security personnel.

If you have any queries or any specific requirements that have not been mentioned above, please contact us. Please note, we work in association with an extensive workforce of high calibre professionals which are available to mobilise via our recruitment channels.

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