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Making a Difference For Men’s Health Awareness Month

In order to raise awareness and ensure the health and wellbeing of our operatives, we have engaged with Georgia, a qualified nurse, to organise Fit For Work assessments for our entire team. Over the last 2 days, Georgia has assessed over 30 operatives on our client Erith’s project at the Imperial College London. All of our operatives are firstly assessed with a baseline health questionnaire that helps to establish existing conditions. The operatives physical stats are then assessed by the nurse which include:

  • Weight & B.M.I.
  • Blood Pressure & Pulse
  • Vision testing
  • Hearing Test
  • Respiratory / Lung function
  • Urinalysis check
  • Musculoskeletal assessment
  • Drugs and Alcohol test

Once they are fully assessed the operative is classified as either of the following: Fully Fit, Fit with Restrictions, or Unfit directly after the medical is complete. The findings of any Fit for Work medical can be reviewed upon certification from the individuals GP regarding the status of their health and well-being.

At Role Group, we don’t just assess the physical health and wellbeing of our operatives but also offer this service to our clients and our collaborative partners on site. To learn more about the medical services we offer click here or please contact a member of our team to discuss our services.

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