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October marks the start of Black History Month

October marks the start of Black History Month!

The UK has a hugely diverse and multicultural population, but its roots can be traced back to a much darker part of the UK’s history. Much of Britain’s wealth and power obtained during its days of Empire was due to its involvement in the slave trade. As a result, many of the accomplishments and contributions made by Black, African and Caribbean people in shaping the UK into the country it is today were overlooked, ignored or simply forgotten.

To celebrate Black British History, here are some facts that you may or may not have known!

– The very first people who settled in Britain were black. They lived here for around 7,500 years before the first white migrants arrived.
– There were black people in Britain during Roman times, the Middle Ages, Tudor times, Georgian times, Victorian times, the Edwardian era and ever since. There have always been black people in Britain.
– Britain was the first industrialised nation in the world. It had an empire that ruled a quarter of the planet. But Britain would not have become this rich and powerful without the work of millions of black people who were trafficked and enslaved, and given no compensation.
– Millions of global majority people – including black people – fought for Britain and the allies during World War One and World War Two. Without their sacrifice, it is unlikely that Britain and her allies would have won these wars.
– After World War Two, Britain invited black people to come and rebuild Britain. They came, they stayed, and they have excelled in every single arena ever since – helping the British nation.

The celebration of Black History Month is a great occasion as it provides black people with a source of confidence, understanding and pride.

Let’s continue to celebrate the achievements and the contributions to society made by black people across the world.

Black history is British history and should be remembered every day, not just this month.

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